HOW pearland animal services serves our community in a disaster or emergency



The City of Pearland is responsible for the evacuation of pets in Northern Brazoria County (not just Pearland) of whom the owners would have no way of otherwise leaving or evacuating immediately prior to or once a storm hits.  They work with the City's Parks Department to operate this evacuation operation.  

They ensure they have crates, food and other supplies available for these residents to ensure the needs of the pet owner is available and supplied to them once their pets have been evacuated and arrive at the evacuation destination of Belton.  . 


During the disaster or emergency, Pearland Animal Services work rotating 12+ hour shifts in order to take care of the needs of the animals and community.  The staff is dedicated to and responsible for the pets in the shelter, even during a disaster like Hurricane Harvey.  They staff the shelter and stay there 24 hours a day, sleeping in shifts, on cots.  

When possible (is safe to do so), they patrol the streets of Pearland and try to assist citizens.  They also respond to service calls while a disaster is occurring, if safe to do so and depending upon communication capabilities at the time.


Once the storm/disaster/emergency is over, Pearland Animal Services stays on duty to provide support and help to our citizens in any way they need and that they they are able to provide or network to help.  Operations depend on communication capabilities but they always have contact with the Police Department by radio if all else has failed. 

After the event, they can take over the animal impact of an evacuation center (such as what the evacuation center at Pearland High School for Hurricane Harvey).  They set them up a functioning pet area for the evacuees;'s pets to ensure the pets are safe and to train volunteers how to avoid bites, basic sanitation, how to care for these pets and then they move on to the next evacuation location to do the same.  Pearland Animal Service also provides mutual aide and support, when possible, and when requested, to neighboring communities.  During Harvey, they assisted the City of Pasadena.

Pearland Animal Services also works with local non-profit organizations helping immediately following a disaster in order to assist our impacted community.  Immediately following Hurricane Harvey, Pearland Animal Services became a drop-off point and referred people in need to the Pearland Pets' Pet Food Bank.  With the help of the community and Pearland Animal Services, Pearland Pets distributed almost 100,000 pounds of pet food, thousands of toys, treats, beds, bowls, litter, etc to anyone affected by Hurricane Harvey.