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Is the Pearland Animal Shelter a No-Kill Shelter?

No, they are not classified as a "No-Kill Shelter".  However, they do not have a "72 hour time limit" like many shelters do.  The Pearland Animal Shelter frequently provides a temporary place for homeless pets for weeks or even months.  For any shelter to be classified as a "No-Kill Shelter", a shelter must operate with a 90% live release rate for adoptable pets.  With the proposed new shelter, it is projected that the Pearland Animal Shelter can operate daily with at least a 90% live release rate for adoptable pets through 2032.  

How many healthy, adoptable pets were euthanized due to space in 2018?

In their 2018 fiscal year, 137 healthy, adoptable pets were euthanized due to space.  If the proposed new shelter existed at the beginning of the 2018 fiscal year, this number would have been ZERO.

Where will the new Pearland Animal Shelter be located?

Currently, there has not been a location finalized.  However, there are 10 locations that have been evaluated by the appropriate City Departments as possible locations.  The property/land at these locations is already owned by the City of Pearland.  It is preferred to build a new shelter on already-City-owned land, in order to keep the costs down as much as possible.  The Top 4 locations (listed in no particular order) are:

- McHard at Cullen Parkway/Blvd on the NW corner

- McHard Road, east of Country Place Blvd, S side of roadway

- 3500 block of Liberty Drive, very close to Tom Reid Library

- Freedom Drive, S side of the Pearland Police Department

What's the bottom line here?  How much is Proposition D going to affect by pocketbook?

For the average Pearland homeowner, Proposition D will cost approx. $16.18 per YEAR.  This is based upon the average home value of approx. $261,000.  This breaks down to $1.35 per month, 31 cents per week or less than a nickel a day.   The proposed tax increase for Proposition D is approx. $0.0062 per hundred value.

Who is eligible to vote?

Anyone who lives within the City limits of Pearland.  If you're unsure if you live in the City limits of Pearland and you are a homeowner, you can easily determine if you are eligible to vote by looking at your property taxes.  If you pay taxes to the City of Pearland (not just Pearland ISD), you live within the City limits of Pearland and are eligible to vote.  



Additional information in a quick, easy to read, bullet-point format can be found on our Fact Sheet.  

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