In 2018, Pearland Animal Control Officers responded to 4,682 service calls!

On a daily basis, the amazing staff at Pearland Animal Services & Adoption Center:

  • Provide a good quality of life and a safe space for pets housed in the facility.  This includes keeping areas clean and disinfected, providing good quality meals & fresh water daily and providing toys, blankets and cots to help comfort pets when they are available.  Volunteers help with these duties and also help to allow the pets to be able to exercise and get loved on.  Volunteers are in high need at the shelter. to help walk dogs, brush and love on cats and dogs, help prepare meals, feed, clean, laundry, etc. 
  • Facilitate pets getting out of the shelter through fostering, adopting and working with qualified 501(c)3 animal rescues.  All foster and forever homes must fill out an application, and be approved, prior to pet being able to leave the facility to join the foster parent's home temporarily or the adopting parent's home for the rest of the pet's life.   
  • Arrange general health examination with veterinarian, along with proper vaccinations, internal parasite screenings, heartworm tests (for dogs) prior to pet being available for adoption.  Also provide monthly flea and/or heartworm prevention and other medications needed, as directed by veterinarian.
  • Reducing the risk of and maintaining the health and public safety of Pearland residents and their pets in regards to rabies and other Zoonotic diseases as well as vicious animals. Zoonotic diseases are diseases that can be spread from infected domestic & stray pets and wildlife to humans. 
  • Doing welfare checks on pets and livestock of whom Pearland Animal Services has received a welfare check request on.  Welfare checks are oftentimes requested when a Pearland citizen has observed something that is concerning to them for the well-being of a pet or livestock.  If you are ever concerned for the well-being of a pet or livestock in Pearland, you can request a welfare check at any time  by contacting Pearlard Animal Services & Adoption Center directly and making a report.
  • Investigate animal neglect/cruelty cases and provide education to and work with the public where animals may be neglected.  Press charges against those responsible for neglect or cruelty against ANY animal, provided a completed investigation indicates potential animal cruelty or neglect that necessitates criminal charges as punishable by law.  Further, should a warrant be granted to remove these animals from their current home/conditions,  Pearland Animal Services removes these pets or livestock from their current conditions/home and provides them a temporary home at the shelter during this time.
  • Respond to service calls for domestic pets (and livestock) running at large in hopes of capturing them before he/she is hit by a car and/or before any harm or injury is incurred by/to other pets, wildlife or humans..  If your pet is registered with the City of Pearland and is wearing the City's license tag on their collar (or is microchipped and is registered with your current contact info) the responding animal control officer can very easily learn who your pet is and where he/she belongs and can contact you immediately to reunite you with your lost friend, before having to bring him/her to the shelter and having to impound your lost pet.  Their goal is to return your lost pet to you immediately, without having to bring him//her to the shelter.
  • Reducing nuisance pets and wildlife by enforcing laws and ordinances and responding to those service calls.  We can all appreciate and can enjoy a happier life with nuisance pets and wildlife under control..
  • Provide public education on all ways of creating a peaceful environment for neighbors and others in our community regarding animal behavior, barking, running at large, picking up pet waste, etc.
  • Investigate all cases where animals have bitten a human and assist with animal to animal bites when possible.  Also provide and maintain a Quarantine facility for pets who have bitten a human; inspected by the State twice per year..
  • Provide humane euthanasia for the public when their pet no longer has quality of life at home.
  • Provide cremation services for the public when their pet has passed away at home or has been euthanized.
  • Respond to service calls to remove deceased animals from our community's roadways and yards and properly dispose of these deceased animals.