• was built in 1997 when Pearland's population was less than 30,000 residents and has been since expanded twice, once in 2005 (for office space) and again in 2011 (for kennel space) to it's current size of 10,100 sq ft
  • has on average, almost 11,000 visitors per year
  • has 34 dog runs and 39 cat cages and is at or near 100% capacity for dogs and cats on most days 
  • has very limited public parking (only a handful of parking spots)
  • has extremely limited storage space, of which has led to rodent infestation in the past
  • does not have any type of space to be able to host an event or provide educational classes to the public
  • has no space available to designate for volunteers
  • does not have a designated break room area for staff and volunteers to decompress and rest in a quiet area
  • has become maintenance intensive and very costly to continue to repair and maintain
  • 132 maintenance/repair work orders were completed in just the past 24 months, with many repairs still needed
  • 4 of 5 A/C units will need to be replaced within the next 5 years, even though the current air flow system does not meet HVAC standards for disease control in an animal shelter
  • major foundation problems and signs of building erosion have been noted
  • has multiple roof leaks that need to be repaired
  • does NOT have a generator to provide power should the shelter be without electricity; therefore, no way to easily maintain the constant laundry and sanitation, nor a way of controlling the temperature for the homeless pets living there

what could change