The Pearland Animal Shelter strives to educate the public in the importance of responsible pet ownership, spaying and neutering, pet overpopulation, microchipping, etc.  Without adequate space at the current shelter to properly accommodate groups, they do the best they can to accommodate groups, such as scouts, civics groups, etc. at the shelter.  However, in order to get out in the community more, they attend any event outside of the shelter that they are invited to and have the ability to attend.  

They now have a large mobile adoption center that was donated to them in early 2018, which allows them they ability to attend more events, particularly outdoor events, whereas in past, they were unable to attend due the inability of regulating proper temperatures for the pets.  

They are happy to attend and speak at community luncheons, civic groups meetings/events, homeowners meetings, scouts, etc.  Their goal is to spread the word and educate our community with every opportunity they have and are able to attend.  

They often participate in events associated with our local schools with their Humane Society Clubs and with Work Career Days.  They also participate in 4-H, FFA Meetings, etc. and host/instruct State training for Animal Control here in Pearland.

They could do EVEN MORE with the proposed new shelter.  Learn what could change with the new proposed shelter below.

what could change